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My doctor prescribed me  with Retin-A but the costs were high. Thank God I found your online pharmacy that provide all the generic products I need with low prices. Thank you so much.
- - Marjo B -


Generic Retin-A

With already 30 years in  the market, Retin-A is one of the most popularly used medications for acne issues. Such is explained because besides treating acne, Retin-A can also improve overall skin condition. Being so, FDA approved Retin-A for cosmetic use. Retin-A is nowadays used as a medication for acne, aging and for many other skin related problems. Retin-A is made up of retinoic acid and tretinoin. It is a topical medication and comes either in cream or gel. This medication presents several concentration levels, specially designed for different types of skin.

How does Generic Retin-A work?
Tretinoin (active ingredient in Retin-A) acts by thinning the outermost layer of the skin while stimulating the cells of the epidermis to produce a thickened epidermis layer. During this process, the production of collagen and the growth of new cells in the dermis are also increased. Such will help improve the patient's skin.

Results can be expected after seven weeks of treatment. Please keep in mind that for such to be achieved it is vital to use the application on a regular basis and for as long as what has been prescribed. If you are taking Retin-A, it is possible that your doctor recommends other therapies as well as a skin care program  in order to improve results.

Can I use Generic Retin-A for different purposes?
Indeed! Retin-A presents a variety of uses. It can be used for the treatment of all sorts of acne. Retin-A brings blockages to the surface of the skin, dislodging blackheads; these may then be removed during cleansing or exfoliating. It is also reported that Retin-A can prevent acne and help in repairing the effects of sun-damaged skin (age spots, light freckles, skin discoloration,etc). Moreover, since it promotes skin exfoliation, it helps in stimulating new skin cell growth, improving the overall glow and texture of the skin. Lastly, Retin-A can also prepare the skin for some procedures such as facial surgeries and laser skin resurfacing.

What are the doses of Generic Retin-A?
Retin-A (tretinoin) is available in dosage strengths of 0.025%, 0.05% and 0.01%.

Are there any instructions to use Generic Retin-A?
You should apply Retin-A on the skin one time per day in the evening or before going to bed. Start by washing your face with a mild facial cleanser and rub your face dry before applying Retin-A. Don't forget to follow your doctor's instructions as well as any special skin program for top results (ex: your doctor might instruct you to wear sunscreen when going out, because Retin-A can make your skin more prone to sun damage.

Are there any side effects to Generic Retin-A?
It is possible that you experience some side effects but it all depends on your skin type. Within the first two weeks of treatment, your skin may break out before gradually being repaired and renewed within the next weeks. Other effects might include similar facial peeling or light sunburn reactions. However, if any of the adverse effects persists you should contact your doctor
immediately. It might be advisable to then stop using Retin-A for a short while or your doctor may prescribe you with a different medication.


Generic Retin-A